The Vampire Diaries – Limited Edition Box

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Full-Size Booksleeve – 10.5*8 Inches with zipper comes with an exclusive design commissioned for you.

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Here’s a list of things that we have finalized for this box:

• The Salvatore Daylight Ring
• Michaelson Necklace
• A Journal – we know all vampires kept one and Elena did too, so a basic journal.
• Pages from a Grimoire – a hand-tied collection of 7-10 Grimoire pages.
•An ‘always and forever’ bracelet
• A Salvatore / Michaelson-inspired hoodie – college-style – you get to choose whether you want Salvatore one or Michaelson one.
• Elena’s Vervain locket
• Character Cards of the CW original cast print.
• Katherine’s picture as above.
• Klaus’ letter to Caroline.
Things we’re looking to get in some form :
1. A White Oak Dagger Keychain
2. Something with Invited in/ Humanity switch etc – possibly coasters.


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